Persistent low interest rates and changes in regulatory and accounting requirements are altering the way insurance carriers do business; and that’s trickling down to the way advisors who place life and health policies work with clients.

Senior Editor Dean DiSpalatro keeps a close eye on changes, both rapid and glacial, in the insurance space.

He’s found that as baby boomers age, more questions are emerging about how to resolve cross border tax problems emerging for heirs, and that advisors need to be prepared to assist clients who’ve misplaced crucial insurance paperwork.

For those working with clients just starting to weigh their insurance options, check out the Faceoff he moderated on the merits of whole and universal life.

DiSpalatro’s also looked into ways insurance products come into play when it’s time to move a client to a RRIF and how insurance can be used to disinherit a ner-do-well child.

Here’s a list of his stories on the topic:

IFRS could impact insurance business

Tax problems with cross-border life insurance

Help a client who’s lost insurance paperwork

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Disinherit the black sheep

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