Some industry observes complain there are too many different investment vehicles in the marketplace.

And while there may be more choice in some categories than advisors can sort through, Content Editor Jessica Bruno knows that understanding these offerings is key.

She’s delved into the mechanics of how, and for which clients, advisors would consider deploying leveraged ETF strategies, and how to develop specialized mandates for smaller stock issues.

For the generation following the baby boom into retirement, there’s a need to develop some income security. Advisors working with Gen X clients will need to understand the right way to work within bond markets to produce meaningful returns and secure portfolios against volatility.

Bruno also knows the investment marketplaces are going through major transitions; which is why she keeps a close eye on trading structure developments that impact advisors’ ability to fill orders and meet client demands.

Indeed, change is the only constant. And as interest rates climb, Bruno has even managed to catch up with the scuttlebutt regarding a potential bonanza for advisors looking to write new insurance business.

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