If you were hoping for a smooth ride through 2016, you’re unlikely to get your wish. That and more from HSBC Asset Management’s 2016 investment outlook.


  • The global economic environment is likely to remain in a fragile equilibrium, one where global growth and inflation both remain relatively low, with potential periodic scares triggering bouts of stock market volatility.
  • HSBC GAM is selectively positive on credit for 2016, with a focus on low investment grade and better-quality high yield. Expect attractive valuations in the U.S., and even more so in Europe, but greater idiosyncratic risk in emerging markets.
  • Fixed-income returns will be similar to what we’ve seen in 2015, with low to mid-single-digit returns across bond segments.
  • A combination of factors will continue to push U.S rates higher in the coming year.

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