For the latest TSX numbers, please click here, and for Canadian market commentary, please click here. Note, these links direct you to the TMX Money site where you’ll also find data on futures and commodities.

If you’re seeking data from other stock markets, please click here. Note, this link directs you to Bloomberg’s World Stock Indexes page.

And, for the latest Canadian dollar exchange rates (USD, EUR, GBP), please click here to go to Bank of Canada’s site.

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Hi Zigzewel,

Are you on mobile? On a desktop, these links work. The link says “Canadian Market Summary Headlines” and if you scroll down, there are links to several stories.

Thursday, October 2 @ 9:26 am //////


Maybe it’s just me. But when I click on the link for a market commentary all I get is a page asking me to enter a stock symbol.

Thursday, October 2 @ 9:24 am //////

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