S&P Dow Jones’ well-known SPIVA reports consistently suggest few active managers outperform the index. The index-provider’s recently released “persistence scorecard” shows the best-performing mutual funds have a hard time keeping their rank.

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“Very few funds can consistently stay at the top,” the study says. “Out of the 687 funds that were in the top quartile as of March 2012, only 3.78% managed to stay there by the end of March 2014. Further, 1.90% of the large-cap funds, 3.16% of the mid-cap funds and 4.11% of the small-cap funds remain in the top quartile.”

The report also shows that “for the three years ended March 2014, 14.10% of large-cap funds, 16.32% of mid-cap funds and 25.00% of small-cap funds maintained a top-half ranking over three consecutive 12-month periods. Random expectations would suggest a rate of 25%.”

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