The past year was difficult for investors, said Richardson GMP in its 2013 outlook report released yesterday.

Since markets were plagued with uncertainty, many clients had to downgrade their return expectations over the past twelve months. Fortunately, the road ahead seems smoother due to stable U.S. and Canadian economies, as well as a forecast of positive North American equity returns.

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Along with its report, Richardson GMP also released a video addressing the company’s global outlook. It features Gareth Watson, vice president of investment management & research, and you can check it out below:

Outlook 2013 – Global Strategies from Richardson GMP on Vimeo.

Also watch out for the company’s other videos over the rest of the week. They feature Watson revealing what lies ahead for fixed income, as well as David Andrews, director of investment management & research, talking about solid portfolio strategies for 2013.

Originally published on Advisor.ca