RBC Global Asset Management says it is changing the ticker symbols for five ETFs on the TSX. An “H” is being added to the end of the tickers to represent currency hedged funds.

The changes, effective May 9, are outlined below.

ETF Previous ticker New ticker
RBC Quant U.S. Dividend Leaders (CAD Hedged) ETF RHU RUDH
RBC Quant U.S. Equity Leaders (CAD Hedged) ETF RHS RUEH
RBC Quant European Dividend Leaders (CAD Hedged) ETF RHP RPDH
RBC Quant EAFE Dividend Leaders (CAD Hedged) ETF RHI RIDH
RBC Quant EAFE Equity Leaders (CAD Hedged) ETF RHF RIEH


Originally published on Advisor.ca
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