Distributors' Summit 2012
June 6-8
Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls


Our 2012 Distributors' Summit examines ways the Distributor community can leverage its ongoing support of the advice channel to enhance advisor productivity and increase cross-selling; looks at what risks and paradigm shifts they'll need to respond to; and talk about way they can be proactive with regulators.

Session topics planned for 2012 include:

  • What advisor recruits from the various collegiate programs bring to the table, and what they still need to learn;
  • How to converge corporate cultures following mergers and consolidations;
  • Ways large U.S. Distributorships create and manage scale;
  • How to value a Distribution or advisory during the succession process; and
  • Technology solutions that work for both MGAs and Dealers.

Contact us:

Donna Kerry
Publisher, donna.kerry@advisor.rogers.com

Philip Porado
Executive Editor, philip.porado@advisor.rogers.com