Ideal Solutions Series

Our new Advisor series explores a unique investor scenario, with an ideal solution that meets specific financial needs.

Read Lila and Bruce's ideal solution

Novice investors

Newlyweds Lila and Bruce Zhang* are ready to start planning for their future. Earning a combined $225,000 annually, their investment knowledge is limited. They’re looking for a flexible solution that helps them diversify and grow their portfolio, which includes a Vancouver condo, TFSAs and RRSPs. Can you turn this couple into your client?

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Read Brittany’s ideal solution

Tech savvy investor

Brittany Carson*, 25, is a millennial through and through, and her first investing instinct was do-it-yourself. She has $55,000 to invest and plenty of potential for more — but zero patience for high fees. Can you turn her into a client?

Here’s an ideal low-cost core-and-satellite solution that gives you room to add a fee for your advice while keeping Brittany’s investing costs very reasonable.

Click here to read Brittany’s ideal solution (PDF file)

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