You work to shepherd clients through many life stages, from buying their first homes, to planning for their children’s university educations, to retiring to the West Coast.

As their goals change, so does the type of advice they’ll be seeking from you.

The resources on AdvisorToClient provide an easy way to show clients that you understand what they’re going through. These client-friendly articles can speak to clients at every age group:

Young adults

Do twenty- and thirty-somethings need wills?

New parents

How to save for your child’s education


Use RRSP funds for a mortgage

40s and 50s

Tax solutions that work


Gift insurance to charity

70s and older

Stretch your retirement funds

They’re easy to share, just use the email tool on each article page, or post them on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Your clients want to know their money—and you—are working hard for them. Show them what you can do with these articles. And, there are many more helpful resources to explore on a variety of financial topics at AdvisorToClient.

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