Your clients already understand the value of your advice. But they may not understand how you or your company is paid for the services they receive.

Whether they’re longstanding clients or you’ve just met, make sure they understand the rules, and costs, of engagement. New regulatory requirements mean your clients will soon get more information about fees and their investments in their mailboxes.

So get a head start on explaining what that information really means. Shape the conversation with these articles from AdvisorToClient.

What is a mutual fund?

How you pay for mutual funds

Help clients understand active share

Selecting and trading ETFs

Limiting ETF tracking error

And use this planner to organize your next client meeting: Planner—This is what an investment costs you.

You can also print these articles to pass along to clients, or share them using Twitter and LinkedIn. Don’t forget to try out the many other helpful resources on at AdvisorToClient.

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