Election-speak can sound like gibberish. We’ve cut through the election rhetoric to help you explain what politicians are saying about Canada’s economy to your clients.

We’ve outlined how you can explain items like income splitting, GDP, recessions and more to your clients. To make sure you and your clients are well-versed in the important topics in this years’ campaign, we’ve prepared an election economic glossary at Advisor to Client.

For instance, clients may also wonder if they fit into politicians’ favourite demographic this election — middle-class Canadians. Clear up confusion with this definition:

“Middle-class Canadians: Politicians and researchers have defined the middle class loosely. It could be a family earning between $40,000 and $120,000, depending on whom you ask.

One widely used definition excludes the top- and bottom-earning 20% of Canadians, and classifies the remaining 60% as middle class. This includes families with incomes between $25,170 and $87,500, using data from the 2011 census.”

See the full glossary here. If you think we’ve overlooked any important terms, leave us a note in the comments.

Originally published on Advisor.ca

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