You’re attuned to your clients’ attitudes towards investing. The majority of your clients tend to be cautious, so the portfolios you’ve constructed for them are aligned with those needs.

Then there are clients who are bolder. Whether it’s because they have long time horizons or are confident in the markets, these clients don’t hold back. This email is for them.

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Subject: Taking advantage of your bold investment style

Hi XX,

You may not realize it, but your attitude toward investing puts you in a rare group these days – you’re a bold investor, unafraid to take smart risks when looking for returns.

You have a long time horizon and you’re confident in the market. So there are a lot of investment opportunities at your disposal, provided you’re comfortable with them.

Here are some articles that explain your options. There’s a quiz on the interplay between emotions and investments, advice on making sure your risk profile is accurate, and investment options you may not have considered.

Quiz: How do emotions affect investments

Build a better risk profile

Lower your leverage risk

Consider a concentrated portfolio

How to invest in high-end commercial property

Look to small caps for big returns

Please let me know if you’d like to discuss any of these items further. I’ll check in with you soon in case you have any questions.



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