Whether it’s a new client with a history of tax problems, or a longtime client who’s slipped up, everyone calls on you to undo financial gaffes.

Advisor To Client has a number of articles that can help you remedy mistakes and avert future blunders.

Personalize this email before sending it to your clients by copying our template into whichever email program you use and then picking the stories that will best resonate. These articles will help you spark conversations on topics they’ll want your guidance on.

Subject: Solution for your TAX/INSURANCE/PLANNING problem

Hi XX,

Sometimes life gets the better of us and events catch us off guard. That doesn’t mean we can’t get your financial plan back on track.

I have a plan to address the XX situation. As I work on it further, here are some articles that will give you some context about what’s going on:

How to find lost insurance

Come clean with the CRA

Marriage contracts are critical

Avoid mistakes as an American in Canada

3 estate planning mistakes

Avoid common RDSP mistakes



Best of all, these articles are simple to share with clients using LinkedIn, Twitter or the site’s email button.

And there are plenty more resources where these came from: browse them all here.

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