The market is crowded, and your clients may worry they don’t have access to the best investments. Show them there’s plenty of unclaimed territory.

Whether it’s a new way to look at ETFs, finding companies to invest in, or exploring an unorthodox portfolio style, there are creative ways to find returns.

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Subject line: Be a blue-sky investor

Dear XXX,

Talking to friends and family, it’s easy to get the impression that everyone is chasing after the same investments and using similar rote strategies to try and maximize returns.

But savvy investors know there are plenty of places to find sound investments with great possibilities.  I’d like to set up a meeting to talk to you about a few of those. but, before we sit down together, have a look at these articles that show you where some potential lies.

In our meeting, we’ll discuss which options are suitable for you, and how to implement them in your financial plan.

Consider a concentrated portfolio

Investing in antique instruments

Why social issues matter to investors

Investing for steady growth

Look to small caps for big returns

Alternatives to market-cap ETFs

Rest assured, your investments are in good hands. Let’s start the conversation about your next goals.



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