Subject Line: Be deft with debt

Dear XXX,

From mortgages to student loans to leveraged investments, debt is often a necessity for most Canadians, who are trying to plan for their futures while living up to current commitments.

I know you work hard to meet your financial responsibilities, and I think there are some strategies we could use to help you become become debt-free faster. For instance, are you taking advantage of interest deductions on your tax return?

These articles offer tips for managing debt, and ways you can get debt to actually work for you:

What’s your debt actually costing you?

Tips for deducting interest

Case study: getting a handle on debt

Don’t co-sign a mortgage

Lower your leverage risk

Insure your wealth

As always, I’m available to talk about these strategies and others we can use in your financial plan. Your financial success is my priority, and I want to ensure you get the information you need to succeed.



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