Your clients already understand the value of your advice. But they may not understand how you or your company are paid for the services they receive.

Whether they’re longstanding clients or you’ve just met, make sure they understand the rules, and costs, of engagement.

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Subject: New investment rules and your portfolio

Hi XX,

I hope you’re doing well. I’m sending this note because I want to let you know about some changes that are coming to the statements you get about your portfolio.

New regulations for the investment community mean you’ll soon receive a lot more detail on the fees you pay for the upkeep of your investments. We’ve discussed how the fund company and I get paid during past meetings, so there won’t be any surprises. Still, I want to assure you I’m here to explain anything you see on your new statements.

Here are some articles that further explain the changes, and the fees you pay:

What is a mutual fund?

How you pay for mutual funds

Help clients understand active share

Selecting and trading ETFs

Limiting ETF tracking error

Please review these when you have a moment, and I’ll check in with you soon to schedule a meeting.



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