Your clients are probably more familiar with how stocks and the stock market work than they are with other more exotic types of investments. But chances are they’re missing some nuances about how to most effectively trade equities. Empower them with these articles from AdvisorToClient.

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Subject line: Use stocks to their full potential

Hi XX,

You know stocks are the basic building blocks of most portfolios, and handling them well is part of a sound financial plan.

While it’s my job to guide your investment decisions and explain their implications, I also think it’s my job to empower you. These articles cover the fundamentals about stocks and introduce you to sophisticated ways of thinking about equities.

What is a stock?

Trade shares the right way

Value investing rewards patience

Selecting and trading ETFs

What are derivatives?

The value of worthless stocks

Please let me know when you’re available for an appointment. I look forward to getting into the details of how these securities and strategies work, and what you think of them.



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