You’ve got clients covered when it comes to the more predictable insurance needs. But chances are they have other, less obvious, liabilities that require protection.

Maybe one client’s home is in a flood plain, another likes to go mountain climbing, or perhaps someone inherited a valuable piece of jewelry. They may never have mentioned these to you, so it’s your job to raise the topic.

You can personalize this note by copying our template into whichever email program you use and picking which stories you’d like to send along. These articles will help you spark conversations on topics on which they’ll want your guidance.

Subject: Covering uncommon insurance needs

Hi XX,

Together we’ve made sure that your most critical insurance needs are covered.

Now that you’re fundamentally protected, it’s time to pay attention to your less-common needs. We’ve talked about how you like to go on outdoor adventures, and how you’re worried about your family jewelry should someone break in. There’s insurance that covers both those situations.

Here are some articles that explain your options:

Companies must protect key people

Insure your stay-at-home spouse

Disclose risky leisure activities

Plan for natural disaster

Protect your valuables

Art insurance: an ounce of protection

Please let me know if you’d like to discuss any of these strategies further. I’ll check in with you soon in case you have any questions.



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