Canadian society welcomes those from other countries who decide to make a home here. And CRA welcomes them too—as a potential revenue source.

Show your expat clients how you can help minimize their tax bills.

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Subject Line: Cross-border tax tips

Dear XXX,

As you well know, moving countries comes with a lot of opportunities to live the life you want, but it can also complicate your finances.

Since you’re a resident here, it will soon be time to file your Canadian tax return. Because you still have ties to America [INSERT COUNTRY OF YOUR CHOICE], we need to take this into account to plan an effective tax-minimizing strategy for your return.

I’d like to set up a meeting to discuss some options with you. In the meantime, I’ve collected a few articles on topic for you that lay the groundwork for that conversation:

U.S. tax risk

Extra tax for the expat

U.S. trust technique saves tax

5 ways to pay less tax on U.S. property

Are you subject to U.S. estate tax?

Business immigrants can minimize tax

Let’s talk now about how we’ll handle this year’s taxes with finesse.



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