Some of your clients’ sons or daughters may be struggling with debt. It’s hard to pay for school, a mortgage, or business loans while juggling daily expenses. Or maybe someone is a little too liberal with his credit cards.

This email helps you educate your clients about their children’s options. You can personalize it by copying our template into whichever email program you use and picking which stories you’d like to send along. These articles will help you spark conversations on topics on which they’ll want your guidance.

Or you can print these articles to share them with clients. You can also connect through Twitter and LinkedIn.

Subject: Your SON/DAUGHTER’S finances

Hi XX,

In our last meeting, you mentioned that you’re concerned about the amount of debt your SON/DAUGHTER is carrying right now.

You’ve often turned to me for financial advice, and I want you to know I’m here to help your kids too. Feel free to refer them to me, but in the mean time I’ve compiled a few articles that cover their options for getting out of—or avoiding more—debt.

Whether you read them yourself or pass them along to NAME OF CHILD, I trust you’ll find them useful.

How to climb out of student debt

Investing for the long term

Curing your heirs’ affluenza

A (smarter) happily ever after

Should you rent or buy?

How to pay back taxes

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always at your disposal for a call or a meeting.



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