Your clients may be getting nervous about the ride the market has been on lately.

Volatility can be stressful, and it’s your responsibility to make sure short-term discomfort doesn’t turn into a snap-decision to cash out, potentially causing real harm to a client’s goals.

Let them know you’ve anticipated their fears and their portfolios are prepared.

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We have more ideas for handling clients worried about volatility here.

And you can also put this action item from experienced advisors into practice.

Subject: Market volatility

Hi XX,

You may have noticed a lot of movement in stock prices lately. I want to assure you that this is relatively normal at this point in a market cycle, and that your portfolio was designed with such conditions in mind.

Still, I know it can be nerve wracking to see the value of your holdings fluctuate so much. These articles address how volatility affects your investments.

Calm your fears with low-volatility funds

Volatile investments aren’t always bad

Investing for steady growth

Consider guaranteed market indexed accounts

Diversify your portfolio

Another thing to give you peace of mind: because of your long time horizon, volatility shouldn’t have a significant impact on your portfolio when it comes time to cash out.

I am always at your disposal to discuss this, or any other investment question you may have.



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