Children need financial guidance, whether it’s teaching them how to budget, funding their schooling, or preparing them to handle inheritances.

Your clients will appreciate a helping hand in raising a financially literate child.

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Subject: Give children a solid financial start

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As parents, we both know how important it is to give our children as many advantages in life as possible. We’re often so focused on their work at school—learning to read, do math, know history—that we don’t realize they’re missing out on workaday aspects of basic financial literacy.

It can be difficult to teach those concepts ourselves, so I’ve included some resources that are useful for talking about finance with kids. These articles go beyond the basics of budgeting and saving for education by addressing some hard to raise subjects like inheritance and other ways you provide for them after you’re gone.

How business owners can fund kids’ educations

Youth need living benefits more than life insurance

Talk inheritance with the kids

Being fair to your heirs

Can you trust your heirs?

If you have any questions about the concepts raised in these articles, feel free to give me a shout. I’d be happy to set up a meeting to discuss how we can apply some of these options to your circumstances.



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