Show your clients you are there to support them when upsetting circumstances arise.

Subject Line: Grapple with challenging circumstances

Dear XXX,

We’ve been working together for so long that I’ve had the privilege of watching happy milestones like the growth of your family, and your career success, over the years.

Now that there’s a bump in the road, I’m here for you to lean on more than ever and to help to guide you where I can through trying and unusual times.

These articles shed insight on your situation:

Hanging onto a windfall

Plan for special-needs adult children

Should you commute your pension?

Financial aftermath of separation

Plan for natural disaster

Companies must protect key people

I’m here to discuss any questions or concerns you have. Together we’ll make sure your future is secure.



Personalize this email by copying our template into your email application, and then choosing which stories you’d like to pass along to particular clients. This lets you jump-start the conversation on the important topics on which they may want your guidance.

You can also print these articles to pass along to clients, or share them using Twitter and LinkedIn.

AdvisorToClient also has handy Action Steps, Conversation Starters and other tools to help secure your client relationships.

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