While many people realize the importance of starting to invest at the earliest possible age, not everyone gets around to it.

Whether it’s due to other financial commitments like mortgage payments or simple procrastination, some people find themselves starting portfolios in their middle years.

To help these clients, simply choose which articles you’d like to send, copy the template into whichever email program you use, personalize the note, and send.

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Subject: Follow up to our investment meeting

Hi XX,

Let me say again how pleased I am to be working with you. It’s an exciting time as you start investing and paving the way to long-term security.

I want to assure you again that while you’re starting your portfolio a little later than usual, it doesn’t mean you’ve missed the chance to plan for your retirement and legacy.

Together, we’ll work on making your money grow. I’ve selected some articles to help ensure we work well together toward that goal:

How you pay for mutual funds

The peak portfolio

How should you measure investment performance?

Taxes and your investments

Thinking yield? Think real estate

Consider a concentrated portfolio

If you have any questions about the concepts raised in these articles, feel free to give me a shout. I’d be happy to set up a meeting to discuss how we can apply some of these options to your circumstances.



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