Of all your clients, new investors likely need the most time and guidance. Getting off to a good start is key to investing, and to a successful client-advisor relationship.

Anticipate new investors’ needs with these articles from Advisor To Client. They can help lay the groundwork for future discussions, and can serve as an essential reference for your clients, backing up your expertise after you’ve explained a concept.

Create a personalized email by copying our template into whichever email program you use, choosing which articles to share, and sending them along.

Subject: Support for new investors

Hi XX,

Let me say again how pleased I am to be working with you. It’s an exciting time as you start investing and paving your way to future wealth and stability.

I know it can also be a little overwhelming to begin this process. Some people find themselves suddenly anxious to hear the market numbers on the nightly news. For others, each article in a newspaper’s business section calls into question every portfolio decision.

It doesn’t have to be that way, and as long as we’re working together, it won’t be. Here are some articles I selected for you that will help you develop into a confident long-term investor:

A breakdown of the financial services industry

What is a stock?

Investing for steady growth

Risk aversion is a big risk

What DIY investors should tell their advisors

How ETFs are priced

What are derivatives?

Please review these when you have a moment, and remember that I’m always here to answer your questions. I’ll check in with you soon to talk about how things are going.



Draw on AdvisorToClient’s many other helpful resources on tax, financial planning, investing and risk management, and check out our special Helping newer investors package for more resources.

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We really appreciate your kind words, Marty! We have more client-friendly articles available at client.advisor.ca.

– the Advisor.ca editors

Wednesday, December 3 @ 10:49 am //////


I’m not going to say the word guarantee, but I’d make a friendly bet, that a larger percentage of financial advisers (here in the U.S.) do NOT send out emails like the example in this article.

Emails like this are one of the many tools advisers can use to deepen relations and earn trust. Most clients will be appreciative, and advisers can also include Blogs they might have written in their outbound client emails. Constant contact is of course one way to automate this.

Good work AdvisorCA team and thanks for sharing!


Marty Morua


Sunday, November 30 @ 9:26 pm //////

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