You’ve told your clients why it’s key to plan for expected life events. But they might not know about all the tools available to protect them in case of a health problem.

This email helps you educate them about their options. You can personalize it by copying our template into whichever email program you use and picking which stories you’d like to send along. These articles will help you spark conversations on topics on which they’ll want your guidance.

Subject: Working through health crises

Hi XX,

In our last meeting, you mentioned that you’re not sure what would happen should you fall ill, or if an accident left you incapacitated. That’s a worry we all face.

There are planning tools to help you deal with many of the health challenges life presents.

For instance, I can talk with you about specifics you’ll want to include in a power of attorney, and recommend a lawyer if you don’t have a good one. And there are certain tools we can use to make sure you have a caregiver in your old age.

I’d like to meet with you to discuss your options. Before we do, here is some background information that will inform our discussion:

Worry about your health, not your pocketbook

You’re not too young to talk insurance

Planning for disabilities

Plan for incapacity

Powers of attorney: the basics

Give the gift of life

Please let me know when you’re free for a meeting. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.



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