As stocks move up and down, conservative clients can become concerned about volatility. If their risk tolerance is low, any losses can be stressful. You’ve already ensured they’re invested in suitable strategies. Still, check in with them to make sure they’re comfortable with the current state of their investments.

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Hi XX,

We’ve worked through many different market conditions. As the market changes again, I’d like to check in with you to make sure you’re comfortable with your portfolio’s risk level. You mentioned at our last meeting that you’re concerned about volatility, and I want to reassure you that your portfolio is designed specifically with your long-term goals in mind. That said, there are even more sophisticated ways we can protect your portfolio.

Here are some articles that explain how. We can discuss these strategies further in our next meeting.

Advice for volatile times
Consider alternative asset mixes
How safe is your yield?
Investing for steady growth
Prosperity with property

Please let me know when you’re available for an appointment. I look forward to going over your portfolio goals.



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