Signing a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment most of your clients will ever make. Yet not everyone understands the tax and long-term financial planning implications of these contracts. Show your clients the possibilities.

It’s simple to personalize this email by copying our template into your email application, and then choosing which stories you’d like to pass along to particular clients. This lets you steer the conversation on topics about which they may want your guidance.

Subject line: Make the most of your mortgage

Hi XX,

For years we’ve been working toward your goal of buying a house. Now that you’re house hunting, that day is near. We were diligent about your investments, and now we need to be diligent about your mortgage.

It’s one of the biggest financial commitments of your life. That’s a lot to contemplate, so I’d like to set up a meeting to talk about how a mortgage impacts your taxes and your long-term finances.

These stories outline what I’d like to talk to you about in our next meeting.

Don’t co-sign a mortgage

Know whether to rent or buy

Is your loan tax deductible?

Use RRSP funds for a mortgage

I would also like you to read over this article about how to use mortgage investments to diversify. While your mortgage will be a big commitment, I won’t let saving for your retirement fall by the wayside. Mortgage investments may have a place in your portfolio.

Please let me know if you’re available on DATE for a meeting, or contact my office with your availability.



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