For some clients, saving for their kids’ futures can be daunting. But with the right combination of investments and your guidance, your clients’ children can attend the best universities, enjoy after-school programs, and have the best start in life possible. And, helping your clients teach their kids financial basics can set their children up for future success.

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Hi XX,

Whenever we talk about your financial goals, I can tell how much you want the best for your children.  We’ve spoken about ways to save for your child’s future.

Here are some articles that explain effective ways to save for your kids, and to ensure they grow up financially literate. We can discuss these options further in our next meeting.

Who benefits from RESPs?

Give children a solid financial start

Save tax for your children

How income splitting could help your family

Should hockey parents ditch RESPs?

Teach kids financial literacy with basketball

Please let me know when you’re available for an appointment. I look forward to planning for your child’s future together.



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