Family life can be hectic. From after-school activities to taking care of the house and saving for the future. There’s a lot to manage.

Show your clients that taxes don’t have to be another stressful item on their to-do lists with these proactive stories from Advisor To Client.

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Subject Line: Tax advice for the family

Dear XXX,

Those slips have started arriving in the mail. It’s tax season again.

We both know how busy family life can be, so I want to assure you that I am well-prepared to help you with your return.

As we work together on your taxes, there are a few strategies I’d like you to consider. We should meet to discuss some of these options, but beforehand, have a look at these articles, which explain the fundamentals:

Fun CRA video tackles fear of filing taxes online

Use RRSP funds for a mortgage

Tax tips for your cottage

Avoid high tax on old trusts

Hiring family can save you money

Divorce can create taxing problems

Like every year, I’ll ensure completing your tax return is straightforward and stress free.



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