The Internet age has provided us with powerful tools.

Applications keep us productive, tablets allow us to work when we’re away from the office, and online simulators can help us make smart decisions.

And with those benefits often comes a responsibility to organize our electronic legacy, whether it’s passwords to online accounts, thousands of family photos, or the balance of a PayPal account, so much about what make up modern life is stored on computers, tablets and smartphones .

Help your business-owning and executive clients streamline their lives, boost productivity and arrange their digital estates. The following template can be copied and pasted in an email to your clients, so you can start the conversation about their digital assets.

Subject:  The power of digital tools


As professionals, we’re using our phones and computers to get work done, and stay connected to colleagues, friends and family.

I thought you’d appreciate these articles that have tips about managing your time, new technology and helpful apps, which you might find useful.

And you’ve probably never thought about what happens to our online lives when we’re gone. We should plan for your personal data because without forethought, your family could be denied access to cherished photos and online finances.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to talk. In the meantime, here are some articles that provide more detail.

Stay productive on the go

Should you use a Chromebook?

A web app to manage your tasks

Know whether to rent or buy

Making sense of online assets

Cope with the end of Windows XP

Have an excellent week, and keep in touch.



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