With a limitless supply of distractions available at the office, staying focused can be a challenge.

Professor Gloria Mark of the University of California says for every three minutes you spend away from your immediate task, you’re likely to waste another 23.

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The Huffington Post has suggestions to battle some common multitasking mistakes.

  1. Having too many tabs open on your browser window can signal procrastination, and will also slow down your computer. You can try keeping only necessary tabs open, or limit the amount you can have open in your browser preferences.
  2. Monitoring your email and replying immediately can remove focus from the task at hand. Don’t use your inbox as a to-do-list, and turn off notification sounds. Then, dedicate a window of time for email response.
  3. Notifications from your smartphone can be endless. Turning it off or putting it on airplane mode can erase that distraction from your mind.

Read the full list.

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