Budgets are a fundamental tool of financial planning, yet some clients seem to scrape by without really understanding how much they have to spend, or what their expenses cost them. That makes it hard to gauge how much they need to save for the future, and what they’re capable of putting away for a rainy day.

Advisor to Client has everything you need to start a conversation about budgeting with your clients. We also have a planner that will help you organize your budget meetings, and worksheets focused on clients in a variety of life stages.

They’re all assembled here for you to plan, print and email with ease.

Plan your budget training session

Client letter—Budget review invitation

Worksheet: Easy-to-overlook items

Worksheet: Family budget

Worksheet: Your university budget

Worksheet: New investors budget

Plus, there are lots more budgeting Action Items and other materials on AdvisorToClient , and you can share them with clients on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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