Employers take note: 65% of workers say they could leave their employer at any time–and it’s not because of pay, shows a survey by Randstad Canada.

Seventy per cent of Canadians say they’re willing to leave their current employer to improve their career opportunities and 58% say they would move on if they found a job that better matched their educational background.

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But it’s not all bad news for employers – 56% of workers feel they have the perfect job and almost four in five people feel like they’ll have a similar job three years from now.

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Other career insights:

·         25% Canadians say their job will disappear in a couple years due to the rise in technology

·         75% of Canadians fall within the mid-range of being satisfied with their current employer while Mexico (80%) ranks the highest and Brazil (71%) and Australia (71%) rank the lowest

·         28% of Canadians say their first job determines the rest of their career while the majority of people living in China (82%), India (76%), Turkey (73) and Malaysia (70%) feel very strongly about their first job determining their career

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