There’s always a client who has little enthusiasm for estate planning, but you need to get her thinking about what will happen after she dies.

Although she may never come out and say it, she’s counting on you to articulate her options for leaving a financial legacy.

The resources on AdvisorToClient can help you lay out why it’s important to plan. These client-friendly articles explain the many opportunities—and risks—that can be addressed through a good plan.

Donating insurance policies

Can you leave money to an unborn heir?

The gift of financial well-being

Curing your heirs’ affluenza

Move assets out of your estate now

Should you put your family cottage in a trust?

They’re easy to share, just use the email tool on each article page, or pass them along via LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. And don’t worry, if you use our share tools the versions you send clients won’t link back to AdvisorToClient or Advisor.ca.

Your clients want to know their legacy is sound. Show them what you can do with these articles.

Plus, there are more helpful resources to explore on a variety of topics at AdvisorToClient.

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