Assistant editor Katie Keir is reporting live from the CX Customer Experience Strategies Summit in Toronto to help you better serve clients.

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Here are some of her tweets:

The reason people talk about brands hasn’t changed, but the way we share has. Social media’s made it easier to review brands. #CX2012

For all employees, define their role and your expectations from day 1. Just like clients, they like to know next steps and goals. #CX2012

It’s not all about services, as clients care if your office is comfortable and about how do you appear (read ) #CX2012

If introducing a new service, 1st test with best clients. They can give feedback on how to improve b4 you offer to all customers #CX2012

When it comes to your customers, you have to sweat the small stuff. That’s what makes you different and successful. #CX2012

Back office staff should interact with clients. By understanding clients, they’ll create policies that make it easy to serve them #CX2012

50% of people are more likely to buy products after following a company’s tweets. Social media helps creates a stronger client base #CX2012

Your most disgruntled client is your best source of info when it comes to what processes & services you need to improve #CX2012

One great client experience is worth $10,000 of marketing. People won’t forget how you helped them, and will tell others about it. #CX2012

All ppl at your firm should be engaging with clients daily; from the top down, all should be accessible via tools like social media #CX2012

Brands should promote 3 things; memory, story and participation. Engage clients by connecting to them & leaving an impression #CX2012

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