Your clients feel secure their wishes will be carried out because they’ve written wills. But it’s your responsibility to ensure clients know there’s more to a will than setting out who gets the silverware.

The way you structure your clients’ bequests will have an effect on how much tax their estates and benefactors must pay. And that translates directly into how much they get to keep.

Show clients ways to secure their legacies are keep taxes are under control with these articles from Advisor To Client:

A well-structured will

Save tax on probate

Planned giving

Can you trust your heirs?

Do twenty- and thirty-somethings need wills?

Use estate bonds to lower tax

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Other helpful tools on AdvisorToClient include Action Steps, Conversation Starters and ready-to-go client Worksheets and Presentations.

And, don’t miss our special Tax-Saving Strategies package. It’s featured on AdvisorToClient through mid-April.

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