Clients may already donate money or time to charity, but chances are some would give even more if they knew for certain their efforts were effective.

“If you ask people whether they’ve given time or money to a social cause in the past year, everyone will say, ‘Yes, sure.’ But if you ask them, ‘Do you feel you’ve given enough?’ They will almost always answer no,” social entrepreneur Alexandre Mars tells Canadian Business. “These are good people with good hearts and resources. Why don’t they give more? The answers are almost always the same: ‘We don’t trust social organizations.’ ‘We don’t have the time or knowledge.’ ‘We’d prefer not to do it at all than to do it badly.’ ”

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That’s why Mars, a former venture capitalist who is the son of an entrepreneur and a social worker, founded Epic Foundation. It’s a not-for-profit that connects wealthy people with youth-focused charities. In April, he launched the first Canadian chapter in Toronto.

“Our approach to attracting donors is like an IPO road show: We travel to places where there’s money and power (including Singapore, L.A., Dubai and Toronto), and talk to private banks, family enterprises, entrepreneurs—people who want to do more and have the means to do more,” explains Mars. “When they see we’ve created a philanthropic organization that’s built just for them, with the tools they’re already using, they love it. We’re adapting a businesslike mindset to the not-for-profit world; we are like a venture capital firm for philanthropists.”

Read more at Advisor’s sister magazine, Canadian Business. And watch an interview with Mars below:

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