Coffee puts 82% of workers in a better mood, finds a recent survey by Staples Advantage Canada.

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It also shows that while 96% of employees drink coffee or tea regularly at work, only slightly more than half of organizations offer it for free to their employees. As a result, close to half of the workers surveyed will leave their offices for up to 20 minutes a day to purchase their caffeine fixes.

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Aside from saving time, there are other benefits to providing employees with a well-stocked break room. Another Staples survey finds 63% of workers would feel more appreciated if their company were to offer complimentary snacks and beverages.  And 76% of respondents said they would be able to unwind more in a well-stocked and comfortable break room.

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While 86% of employees say taking a break would make them more productive, 55% say they feel like they can’t leave their desks for a break, and 20% say it’s because they would feel guilty.

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