Your clients may be weary of unpredictable returns offered by traditional investments, but still don’t have a high tolerance for risk.

Real estate could be the answer.

The resources on AdvisorToClient are an easy way to show your clients that you’re always thinking about ways to make them money. Check out these client-friendly articles that explain the risks and rewards of investing in real estate:

Consider private REITs

Real estate investing outlook

5 ways to pay less tax on U.S. property

What’s your property risk exposure?

Buying an island

They’re easy to share, just use the email tool on each article page, or share them using LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. And don’t worry, if you use our share tools the versions you send clients won’t link back to AdvisorToClient or Advisor.ca.

Your clients want to know their money—and you—are working hard for them. These articles help you show them what you can do.

Like what you see? There are many more helpful resources to explore on a variety of topics at AdvisorToClient.

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