Stephen Harper framed the election campaign as a referendum on Jim Flaherty’s March 22 budget and ran on his economic track record. 

Having secured a majority government, will the Conservatives table the same budget, or will they tinker with that original plan? 

Tell us what you think.  Will there be additional tax cuts?  New spending cuts?  Or will we see the March 22 budget re-tabled intact?

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The budget was made with a view to please the socialists and keep the engine running for the sake of the ‘Nation’. Jack Layton, without even seeing the budget, was determined to pull the plug, no matter what, and convinced the other two leaders to follow him. The rest is history and I wouldn’t be surprised if Harper, now, will feel justified in putting in some changes to the March 2011 budget!

Wednesday, May 4 @ 9:08 pm //////


I think they might set up more tax breaks for small business – in keeping with their vision and would take the wind out of Layton’s sail.

Tuesday, May 3 @ 4:16 pm //////


“more tax breaks for small business ”

I would not hold my breath on this one. Everything points out to tax breaks for corporations. Nothing specific is promised for small businesses or even for people who are self-employed, a growing part of the work force. Add this to the uncertainty around pensions of any type, and the stage is set for difficult times to come for many hard working people.

Wednesday, May 4 @ 10:43 am

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