More Canadian investors are optimistic about reaching their financial goals (85% this year, versus 81% last year), even though 45% are concerned about the global economy, finds a survey by Franklin Templeton.

Falling oil prices are worrying 37% of Canadians. While expectations for Canadian stock market returns have decreased since last year, 53% of Canadian investors still expect positive returns in 2015.

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In its fifth year canvassing investors in 23 countries, the 2015 Franklin Templeton Global Investor Sentiment Survey found that 58% of the 11,500 investors surveyed in the Americas, Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe believe their local stock markets will post positive returns in 2015. Meanwhile, 64% of North American investors believe their local stock market returns will be positive this year.

Advisor’s deputy editor, Melissa Shin, has written about the opportunities in markets abroad.

For Lisa Myers, a lagging European recovery is great news.

That’s because plenty of great stocks are discounted.

“A lot of European companies are global, so more than 50% of their earnings come from outside Europe,” says Myers, the executive vice president of Templeton Global Equity Group and manager of Templeton Growth Fund. “But that has not prevented them from being devalued substantially, and not getting much credit for what they’re earning.”

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