Active investing is a concept any advisor who’s serious about financial literacy needs to teach her clients. Odds are, it’s also what sets your services apart from DIY options.

Tailor this email to your clients’ needs by copying our template into your email program and picking the stories you’d like to send along.

Advisor To Client also has a special package devoted to active investing that’s full of material you can use with your clients. It includes a Worksheet, a Conversation Starter, a Presentation and an Action Idea.

Subject: Lead with active investing

Hi XX,

I consider it part of my job to ensure you’re a well-informed and empowered investor.

When we meet, we’re often focused on fine-tuning investment strategies to make sure your investments suit your life goals. Underneath those strategies is something that sets your investments apart from many alternatives: active management.

Behind the scenes, portfolio managers are researching companies and tracking stocks to ensure your opportunities to make money are maximized.

I’m sending along these articles that explain how active management works:

Are all funds truly “active”?

The process of active management

How should you measure investment performance?

Investing in private equity

4 investing strategies you need to consider

Please review them and as always, if you have any questions, give me a call or send an email.



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