Canada’s political leaders say being a parent is life changing, and has influenced their visions for the country’s social and economic future.

“The only way that this job makes any sense is if I’m doing this because I have a young family,” Liberal leader Justin Trudeau told Today’s Parent, one of Advisor’s sister magazines. His party wants to replace the Universal Child Care Benefit with an income-tested benefit, and to lower taxes for the middle class.

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Your clients with children want to know where the leaders stand on issues like tax breaks for families, saving for school, childcare, and other family issues. Advisor’s Election 2015 guide lays out where the parties stand on taxes, the economy, and pensions.

And Advisor to Client’s resources for new parents will help you keep clients’ finances in order while they focus on raising the kids.

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Today’s Parent he thinks his son Ben, who is in university, is wise beyond his years and often has good advice. The Conservatives would enhance RESP matching grants for lower-income families. “We’re doing everything we can to make life more affordable and create more opportunities—especially for parents with children,” he says.

NDP leader Tom Mulcair wants to establish $15 a day daycare across the country, because he and his with Catherine relied on a similar system in Quebec when raising their sons. “I hear stories from parents all across the country about not being able to find quality affordable childcare, he told Today’s Parent. That’s why it’s such a top priority for the NDP in this campaign.”

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