In Canada, 30% of citizens believe corruption is a serious problem in the public sector, shows a global study of attitudes towards corruption.

In total, 85% of those surveyed believe corruption is problem, to varying degrees of severity.

Transparency International asked more than 114,000 people in 107 countries their views on corruption. They’ve produced a report and illustrated some of their findings in interactive graphics.

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Of those Canadians who came into contact with a particular government service, 3% report bribing the police; 2% report bribing tax officials; and 5% say they bribed land services.

The majority of Canadians say the government is run by a few people who are working in their own best interests—not those of the country. Only 2% of those surveyed completely disagreed with that statement, while 54% agreed to a large extent or entirely.

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And 62% of those surveyed say political parties are the most corrupt institution in the country, while 47% say it’s government and 48% say it’s the private sector.

People also viewed governmental efforts to root out it’s own corruption disparagingly, with 55% saying attempts are ineffective, while 30% saying initiatives were neither effective nor ineffective, and 13% saying they’re effective.

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