Since elaborate vacations are expensive, some of your clients might want to stick close to home this summer.

Along with being more affordable, so-called staycations are less stressful to plan. Also, they offer people a chance to re-discover their home cities and towns.

People can attend festivals in their area, for example, and search for restaurants considered as hidden gems.

To help your budget-concious clients, offer these staycation tips:

  1. Clients still need to pick specific dates and book time off.
  2. They should also create budgets as they normally would so they can control spending.
  3. Before starting a staycation, people can research local activities as if they were tourists and get dining recommendations from peers.
  4. Suggest that clients spend a day relaxing at a nearby park or lake. Read: Best campgrounds in Canada
  5. Those who like to learn can register for a lesson or course. They can take cooking, dancing, painting or diving lessons, for example.
  6. Even though clients wouldn’t be going away, they should still take lots of pictures.

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