Throughout the year, we posted AdvisorToGo audio podcasts and related articles on a variety of topics, including how clients can protect their portfolios in the midst of volatility and low interest rates, and how you can improve your practice.

In reverse order, the most popular stories of 2015 were:

10. Which way is the loonie headed?

Nobody can predict how the loonie will perform from one year to the next, but it was driven by energy prices and interest rates this year.

9. 2 Canadian companies to invest in

When markets are rocky, focus on helping clients look for companies that are trading at reasonable prices.

8. Don’t expect high interest rates

In 2015, rates weren’t expected to rise. One reason for that was global real growth rates, and thus bond yields, have dipped.

7. Book-building tips for new advisors

For new advisors, it can be tough to balance learning about the industry and catering to clients.

6. Choose life insurers over banks

The financial sector outperformed in 2014, but was expected to experience a more tepid 2015.

5. 4 ways to compete with robo-advisors

Digital wealth managers, or robo-advisors, are active across North America. Find out how you can compete with them.

4. Prepare clients for a market correction

Analyzing Canadian companies’ price-to-earnings ratios typically works for stock pickers. But, that strategy becomes less reliable when stock prices peak and market corrections are on the way.

3. Why bond yields will be low for the next decade

Over the next decade, 3.5 million people will reach retirement age, which is the biggest increase in that cohort in Canadian history. This could mean trouble for the economy.

2. 3 reasons to pull back on U.S. equities

Most analysts expected the U.S. to outperform throughout 2015. But there were three reasons to take caution.

1. Prioritize RRSPs over debt repayment

Paying off debt is usually a great move. But with interest rates so low, clients can look at resetting financial priorities.

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