Following Fed talks in March, investors around the globe expected to have a better idea of where American interest rates are headed.

They also hoped to get a sense of how long the U.S. easing program will continue.

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Though markets are still volatile, many analysts say it’s time investors seriously consider global equities. This is especially crucial since returns from traditional products like bonds will likely remain stagnant for a while.

In particular, U.S. stocks are looking promising despite the threat of fiscal debate gridlock. BMO experts recently stated the U.S. market is fundamentally more balanced than other global markets.

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They added energy and basic materials stocks comprise about 50% of the TSX, while they account for only 13% of the S&P500, for example.

Though some analysts are warning deleveraging will soon impact markets, the majority of financial professionals point out the Dow broke through 14,000, and the S&P 500 broke through 1,500 for the first time since 2007 this past January.

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Since clients are yearning for returns, you can expect them to ask about increasing their exposure to U.S. stocks.

To help, National Bank analysts Pat Chiefalo, Daniel Strauss and Ling Zhang have provided a list of key ETFs that offer either broad or sector-specific exposure.

Read more on which ETFs and strategies they recommend.

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