“AI is here, and it’s changing everything.”

This may sound like a big statement. But Nikolas Badminton, a futurist speaker and researcher, unabashedly made it at OSC Dialogue 2017 during his keynote. He stressed technology is changing rapidly — as are consumer behaviours — so companies in the financial space need to stay on top of trends.

So far, that’s been a struggle. Badminton said too few in the financial space are learning about AI and new tech. One example is that even though bitcoin has been around for eight years — and more cryptocurrencies are popping up — it’s poorly understood.


Following his keynote, Badminton moderated a panel of fintech experts who discussed the ways in which artificial intelligence and new technologies are game changers.

Their overall message for you? “There’s no substitute for getting smart,” said Erin Kelly, president and CEO of Advanced Symbolics. You need to research fintech and how it’s evolving, so you can educate, serve and protect your clients as we move into the digital age.

Robots and computers will never take the place of humans, the panel said. However, knowing how to effectively use (and protect) data, as well as leverage algorithms and computing power, will help set banks, firms and individuals apart.

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